The level of outcome you desire in your life and business is directly related
to the level of courage you are willing to take. Courage your self development,
your leadership and your habits, and you will courage your life.

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Together we explore all the ways you, your teams and organization can develop mastery to reach elevated and sustained levels of performance and potential to help you achieve long-term success. Our journey together focuses on developing future ready skills – Clarity and Purpose, Energy and Focus, Courage, Productivity and Impact, Influence and Leadership.

Developing mastery and continuous learning in these areas generates confidence, purpose and fulfillment. It creates the mental and physical energy to perform at elevated levels. This creates the conditions for you to show up as your best self, manage distractions and create healthy habits and routines in your life.

Through our coaching work together you discover and develop new mental models, beliefs and strategies that will help you lead, inspire and positively impact the people, teams and organizations you serve.

Benefits to Be Courageous Coaching

    1. Powerful daily practices and strategies that improve performance

    2. Elevate your personal and professional success to the next level

    3. Skills, tools and methodologies based on cutting edge science and practice

    4. Create the climate and conditions to solve any business challenge and opportunity

    5. Acquire critical thinking, growth mindset, EQ, communication, creativity and innovation skills

    6. Elevated clarity, energy, productivity, influence and courage

    7. A consistent approach that is easy to learn, easy to understand, and easy to apply

    8. In person and online coaching experiences that address your specific needs
Key Coaching Areas


Committing to your personal development and future readiness is one of the most important focus areas to access a successful, healthy, and courageous lifestyle. Reconnect and activate your highest and consistent levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence in all areas of your life.


Teamwork makes the dream work. As an intact team or cross functional team, purpose, alignment, communication, collaboration, creativity and productivity are critical for moving important work forward and positively impacting your organizations and communities. Elevate the climate, energy, communication, influence and performance of your teams.


Develop a High Performing and Innovative culture, and equip your people with the mindset and productivity habits that creates organizational advantage, drives results and leads to long-term sustainable impact and success.

Our Activators

Building a Culture of Courage
Digital Learning Experiences
Creativity and Innovation
Executive High Performance Coaching
Growth and Abundance Mindset
On Demand Library of Courses
Transitional Management
Onboarding 101

Onboarding 101

The Importance of a New Hire’s First 90 Days.

Listening to Your Inner Voice

Listening to Your Inner Voice

How to stop doubting yourself and how to start taking action on what you know to be true.

Courage is a Verb

Courage is a Verb

Here’s how to think of courage as a verb, to activate all the strength and joy you need to reach your fullest potential.

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