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Courage the Future

This is your moment.

Your Moment of Courage is happening right now, by choosing the future over the past. This is the first step toward your new future, your team’s future, your organization’s future and our collective future.

What is the Courageous Future We Can Help You Create?

Hello. Welcome.

Thank you for being here. We celebrate you, your curiosity, your bravery and your commitment to create your future with intention.

Be Courageous is your place to make transformational and systemic change and create your right to exist in the future.

We are the world’s premier digital-first, global business consultancy, activating the moments of courage necessary to build and elevate the world’s most ambitious leaders and brands.

Utilizing a one-of-a-kind combination of philosophy, mindset, motivational energy, and scalable, actionable methodology, we operate at the intersection of science, technology, innovation, and human behavior to achieve successful transformation.

Working with us will leave you, your company, and our planet, better than we found it.

We are your guides to a courageous future.

New! Courageous Relationships Workshop Series

Transform how your team works together to deepen connections and elevate performance.

You're in Great Company.

We work with leading global companies across diverse industries to help them create breakthroughs and navigate transformational challenges.

Our Right To Exist

We believe just existing is not enough. We are here for lasting, positive impact in this world. Our ambitions are audacious, our spirit unwavering – and this is just the beginning.

Our Goal

Activate 1 Billion Moments of Courage


Be Courageous partners with a wide range of clients and industries to overcome critical challenges and seize opportunities for transformative breakthroughs and impactful outcomes. Together, we do this through five integrated pathways.

Power up your team and organization with fresh perspectives, increased capabilities and resources. We’ll help solve present challenges from where you want to be in your future, with confidence.
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Inspire, empower and activate the readiness, agility and continuous learning of your talent to take your teams and organization to the next level.
BCRGS Icon Coaching
Build your leadership skills, Invigorate your life, rejuvenate your clarity and purpose, elevate your energy and results to design a sustainable lifestyle and workstyle.
BCRGS Icon Speaking

Expand your organizational perspective and knowledge through our customized team-building activities and experiences.
Our Interactive learning moments, empowering education, new creative connections, and courageous activation will deepen your team’s meaning, happiness and purpose.

BCRGS Icon Research

Understand and quantify what drives the decisions of your organization, customer and market. Maximize effective decision-making to guide the creation, refinement and optimization of your impact and breakthroughs.

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Courage the Future

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