With 25+ years of scientific research, market, customer and employee insights, we’ve learned how to create the conditions for systemic change and transformation.

From finding your purpose to shifting your team’s mindset to learning how to practice courage every day, we’ve developed and assembled these courage-unlocking tools.
These are activators for daily micro moments of courage that can scale into massive meaningful actionable moments of courage.

We invite you to experiment with these tools and watch the shifts and transformations they will help you create. For guidance on how to scale these tools and their impact into your organization, please reach out!

Free Resources
Month of Courage Tracker Tool

Monthly Courage Tracker

Watch what you can unlock when you focus on scheduling time for a courage practice every day. Using our Courage Tracker you’ll quickly learn how you can structure courage into every day.
More context can be found in our article “Making Courage a Habit“.

path to purpose guidebook

Path to Purpose Guidebook

Our inspirational, tactical guide, along with its companion video, will help you find, align and recharge your daily life with your purpose and your “Why.”
Extra guidance can be found on our dedicated Power of Purpose page.

Earthshot Roadmap.pptx

EarthShot Roadmap

Aligning your mission with sustaining earth’s finite resources has never been more important. Our roadmap can be your guide.
More context can be found in our article “What is Your EarthShot Mission?“.


Mindset To -> From Exercise

Get yourself and your team in the right headspace in your next meeting with our
“To -> From” excerise and watch new ideas emerge!
More context can be found in our article “Mindset Mattters“.

Courage Energy Tool Download

Courage Your Energy Tool

Activate and sustain your energy by identifying what gives you positive energy and what takes it away.
More context can be found in our article “Courage Your Energy“.

action flywheel

Action Flywheel

Any action, big or small, will lead you to big results. Use this tool to create your action plan.
More context can be found in our article
Taking Action: Big or Small, Just Start“.

Moments of Courage E-Cards

Send a powerful message of recognition, gratitude and acknowledgement to a colleague, friend, partner who has demonstrated a recent moment of courage with our free Moments of Courage E-Cards.


SDG Strategy Tool

Map your company strategy to the SDGs that affect your business – and you can make the most impact on, with our SDG Strategy Tool.
More context can be found in our article
What are SDGs and What Can You Do About Them?“.

BCRGS Team Collaboration Toolkit

Team Charter Collaboration Tool

Create the most collaboration on your team with our exclusive team-building and project alignment tools.
More context can be found in our article
How to get your team to work better, together.”


Future Ready Leadership Worksheets

Develop all 5 personas of courage to become a Future-Ready Leader.
More context can be found in our article:
Future-Ready Leadership for Exponential Times.


State of the Union Interview Guide

Invite your team to answer these questions candidly to get insights you need to align into action!
More context can be found in our article:
Courageous Learnings from 2022

take your shot worksheet be courageous

Take Your Shot Worksheet

Your tool to plan what action you’ll take, from Roof to Moon. You’ve got this!
More context can be found in our article:
Take the Shot

Transformation tool be courageous

Transformation Plan Tool

Tap into your courage to care to achieve the changes you, your team, or organization want to make.
More context can be found in our article:
The Secret Ingredient to Transformation

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