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What do we mean when we say Consulting?

We understand that as you strive for growth, scale and impact there might be moments when you get stuck and need that creative edge. There may be moments you become out of alignment with employees, customers, partners and your future and need the time and space to regain clarity, energy and purpose.
You might find yourself overwhelmed by challenges and opportunities without a clear path to the future, and need elevated thinking, fresh perspective and courage to realign to working on what matters most.

We understand these moments, why they matter and how to solve for them with you, and activate their potential to achieve transformative breakthroughs.

Key Consultancy Areas


Unlock and sustain human potential, connection, energy and high performance.

Imagine for a moment your people, their happiness, meaning, purpose, belonging and impact were the priority focus of your organization? Imagine the new levels of collaboration, innovation, creativity and progress you would experience that would guide your business to new horizons.

We have learnt through years of systemic culture transformation initiatives that the more we can shift culture behaviors from slow, siloed, punishing and risk-adverse to collaborative, coordinated, agile and empowered – your culture will be able to take on bigger challenges and courageous opportunities, create more impact and produce greater return on an individual, team, organizational and societal level.

Our Culture Activators

Building High Performance Courageous Leadership
Culture Change and Transformation
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Activation
Employee Experience Blueprint
Exponential Organization and Leadership development
Future Readiness Playbook
HR and L&D Infrastructure building
North Star, Purpose, Vision and Values


Create and activate explosive growth and impact at scale.

Your strategy is your guiding map to your future. It is where and how you channel your energy and focus. It is the everyday expression of your purpose. It is the living blueprint to the impact you are intentionally wanting to make. It is the shared language, behaviors and actions for those contributing to its realization. It holds us accountable to the decisions we make together and keeps us on the path when we lose our energy, clarity and purpose.   

As you build and activate your strategy what is the lens through which you are taking action and making your decisions?

You currently have a choice of four futures ahead of you:

  1. The one you chase
    Where your competitors lead the way and you build and implement ‘catch up’ strategies.

  2. The one you defend.
    Where your legacy and heritage becomes more important than your progress.

  3. The one you improve.
    Where fixing the problems created by others are your primary objectives.

  4. The one you create.
    Where you imagine a world and a future that is towards the outcomes and impact you intend to make.

    Your strategy, actions, behaviors and decisions will  be considerably different based on the future you choose.

Our Strategy Activators

Antifragile Strategy Development
Brand Platform and Positioning
Business Transformation Roadmap
Customer and Market Insights
Exponential Strategy for Social Impact and Sustainability
Future Visioning and Disruption
Product Portfolio Growth Strategy
Strategy Playbook


Liberate your creativity, insights and future possibilities, now.

This moment right now is the slowest rate of change you will ever experience again for the rest of your life. Your ability to navigate the unknown while nurturing your core requires continual creativity, teamwork, speed and courageous innovation. The current exponential business environment demands both purposeful and productive use of time, talent and resources in order to get critical work done, whether inside or outside your organization.

Collaboration is the key ingredient and Innovative is the key competency needed for your business to create breakthrough solutions to complex problems, develop new products, invigorate your brands, find efficient and effective ways to generate new wealth and impact.

The problem to overcome is rarely the shortage of creative ideas rather the ability to capture and harness creativity, knowledge and expertise, get organizational alignment, accelerate innovation output and productivity, and to have a consistent, reliable, accurate, disruptive and adaptable set of tools and resources for all employees.

Our Innovation Activators

Building Venture Studios
Business Model Innovation
Customer Experience Journey
Foresight & Insight
Innovation and Creativity Capability building
Innovation Playbook
Insight Led Product Innovation
Rapid Prototyping


Leverage technology to transform the future of your business.

As computing speed and performance doubles every year while the size and cost of technology shrinks at the same pace we have entered an era of limitless potential, access, creativity and possibilities. Every industry, service, product and person on this planet is being influenced by technology and the digitization of our daily lives.

Agility, adaptability, innovation and purpose are key elements to thriving in the digital age.
Your future requires that your leaders and Organization leverage technology and the digital tools and resources that are now abundantly available to shift the why, the way and the how you do business today and in the future.

Imagine the possibilities of solving the world’s greatest challenges while doing good for people, planet and your business simultaneously. It is possible today. What is required is that your organization takes the critical steps to embrace the digital revolution and its digital future.

Our Digital Activators

Data Strategy
Digital Customer Experience Journey
Digital Disruption
Digital Transformation and Activation
Organization, Product and Service Digitization

ESG - Environmental, Social, and Governance

Create the value you need to thrive in the rapidly changing world.

We are moving into a very different world, and if you are feeling a little disoriented in the current environment, in a future swimming with environmental, social, and governance issues that don’t seem to match with your current understanding of what business is, its place in the world, and the jobs-to-be-done, you are not alone; the mental model is shifting.

There is unlearning to be done. There are new definitions of “value” that organizations are being held accountable for. And, importantly there are huge opportunities for those willing to lead the way.

We know the purpose of an organization is to create value. The role of good leadership is to ensure that the company continues to create, and therefore have, value. The ESG future is on our doorstep, and we are needing to ask ourselves the very critical question:

“What will be our Right-to-Exist as an organization in the world that we are moving into?”

Where do we need to create the “value” of the new ESG conscious future, and what do we need to sunset to the history books.

Our ESG Activators

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Assessments and Activation
ESG Activation Strategies
ESG Foresight and Insight
ESG North Star Platforms
ESG Playbook
ESG Proof Value Chain Innovation
Future Right-To-Exist Insights
Insight Led ESG Innovation
Be Courageous Partners with Oxford Leadership to Drive Global Transformation

Be Courageous Partners with Oxford Leadership to Drive Global Transformation

The partnership between Oxford Leadership and Be Courageous is based on shared values, a vision for transforming business for good, and a commitment to impactful changes across people, the planet, and profit margins.

Revealing the Characteristics of Courage

Revealing the Characteristics of Courage

Insights – and a twist – from the newest academic study on the psychology on courage in the workplace!

Courage Your Energy

Courage Your Energy

If you show up to a meeting with your shoulders slumped and your energy still in bed from hours prior, you are doing yourself and your team a disservice. Chances are, it won’t be a productive meeting.

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