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Are you planning an upcoming event and do you need your people to Courage the Future?

Be Courageous’s experts are globally sought after speakers for businesses and organizations of all sizes.
We deliver powerful messages that not only inspire and captivate, but provide tools and pathways to a greater future. We tailor the content to your event, and provide an interactive and engaging experience that leaves a lasting impact.

Whether conducting Keynotes or Masterclasses, digital or In-person, our goal is to take your team to and through their moments of courage. Collaborate with the same high-performance facilitators, advisors and coaches used by CEOs and senior leaders of the world’s most admired brands, high profile public figures, millionaire and billionaire entrepreneurs all over the world.

Top Speaking Topics 2020-2021

Activating Exponential Change

Solving the Present From the Future

Altitudes of Leadership

Leading transformation with a growth mindset

Becoming an Exponential Enterprise

Operating and Innovating in a time of exponential change

Chaos to Calm

Creating the infrastructure to do the things you HAVE to do in order to create the space for the things you WANT to do

Introduction to Exponentials

From scarcity to abundance

Leading Digital Transformation

Moving from analogue to digital

Mastering the art of creative problem solving
Mastering the art of Reinvention
Master your Inner Rockstar
Raiding Parties to the Future

Antifragile Strategy

Re Inventing Normal

Unlock breakthrough Thinking

The Most Important Decade of Our Lives

Activating Exponential Technologies and the Sustainable Development Goals


Do you need help in designing and delivering a powerful program?

Be Courageous has a network of leading practitioners, with deep experience in activating exponential change.
With you, we custom design highly interactive, inspiring, and changemaking programs for your organization or community.
We can bring our team, as Keynote Speakers, Hosts, and Facilitators to your audience.


Do you need help with your event?
Be Courageous can provide technical back-end digital hosting platforms and support to make your program standout, and leave a lasting impression.
Be Courageous Wins “Next Generation Employment Innovation” Award with Rio Tinto

Be Courageous Wins “Next Generation Employment Innovation” Award with Rio Tinto

Be Courageous is thrilled to announce that our Future Ready Leadership Program we developed for Rio Tinto, from one of the most prestigious educational institutes in the world, the University of Waterloo.

Onboarding 101

Onboarding 101

The Importance of a New Hire’s First 90 Days.

Listening to Your Inner Voice

Listening to Your Inner Voice

How to stop doubting yourself and how to start taking action on what you know to be true.

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