The Courage to Adapt

    The world is full of surprises – some amazing, and some, sadly, brutal. Pandemics happen. Jobs are lost. Relationships break. You didn’t get the job you wanted.

    Courage The Future

    Courage the Future is the purpose statement for our company Be Courageous. If you look in the dictionary, courage is listed as a noun. We think that’s only half right.

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    Be Courageous Insights Kyle Hermans Yes And

    Yes, And…

    Just as improv actors step onto the stage without a script, business leaders often must navigate uncharted waters and see it as an opportunity to innovate.

    Be Courageous Blog Kyle Hermans Earn Your Seat

    Earn Your Seat

    Companies have shifted away from long job tenures; to earn your seat in the modern workplace, you need to add value beyond the status quo. Here’s how.

    Forbes Council Contributions

    Councils Contributions

    Forbes Councils is an invitation-only community of top executives and entrepreneurs. Since 2019 Kyle Hermans, CEO of Be Courageous, has been a contributing expert on a number of publications.

    The Psychology Of Courage: 7 Traits Of Courageous Leaders

    Everyone from a college graduate entering the workforce for the first time to a world leader running a country must act with courage, not just once but repeatedly. Being courageous is a key component of strong leadership. But what exactly is courage, and how can we access it?

    11 Valuable Lessons Business Owners Can Learn From Failure

    Failure can be a learning experience as long as you know how to deal with it. When a business owner fails, it might be due to several different factors. Determining what those factors are and learning how to avoid them in the future is the most effective way of learning from one's failures. There's no guaranteed method for building a successful business.

    Should You Decline That Business Opportunity? 15 Questions To Ask Yourself

    In the workplace, saying “no” is commonly seen as a negative habit. People are encouraged to say “yes” to everything that crosses their plate, taking on extra work and jumping on any potential leads. However, in some instances, it’s wiser to turn down an opportunity.

    Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributions

    The Entrepreneur Leadership Network is an exclusive program where selected
    industry experts can reach’s millions of engaged readers.

    Honey, We Have a…Company! — 6 Tips for Running a Business With Your Romantic Partner

    With four kids and a business, we can't afford any time or energy wasted letting issues linger or grow. We ask where we each may need support. We share observations and update our ways of working as necessary.

    9 Lessons to Learn From Being in the Entrepreneurial Trenches

    For real, here is what we learned, having grown our U.S. business of two to a worldwide organization with dozens of clients and 35+ network partners while positively impacting nearly 1 million people in 82 countries.

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