We understand that in today’s business environment
you are facing unprecedented demands for more efficient,
effective, productive and high performance ways to apply your time,
resources and creativity in order to be future ready, now.

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How do we approach Training?

We have learnt through training thousands of people and hundreds of groups and organizations around the world that we retain what we practice and apply.

We know that creativity, collaboration and coordination are essential to getting things done, both inside and outside your organization. Alignment, shared understanding and purpose and Innovative solutions are needed to catalyze a courageous culture, and develop new breakthrough products, technology, brands, revenue streams and sustainable impact.

Our time proven, interactive, practical and thoughtful Be Courageous curriculum addresses the development of the skills, tools and techniques that will allow you, your team and your organization to capture your innate creativity, harness your expertise and the knowledge of your business, and drive to shared outcomes while having some serious fun!

Benefits to Team and Organizational Training

  1. Ability to face the future and the unknown with confidence and courage

  2. Elevated and Enhanced company image

  3. Increased efficiencies in systems and processes, resulting in financial gain

  4. Increased capacity to adopt new ideas, technologies and methods

  5. Increased innovation in people, product and  strategies

  6. Increased job satisfaction, happiness, motivation and morale among employees

  7. Reduced employee turnover and increased recruitment of new talent
Key Training Areas


Expand knowledge, thinking, capability and capacity to activate potential and performance.

Tap into the power of the team through the lifelong process of learning, neuroplasticity, life mastery, growth mindset, systems thinking, high performance, entrepreneurship, antifragile, adaptability quotient, creative problem solving, agile, emotional intelligence, continuous learning through doing are just a few crucial keys to courage in your future.


Excite, activate and embed the systemic behavior change necessary to improve organizational performance and create sustained impact.

Future readiness, adaptability, flexibility, developing a passion for adventuring into the unknown and understanding how to solve for the present from the future are a few of the foundational pillars to thrive and lead as an organization in an exponential world.

Our Activators

Breakthrough Thinking
Building High Performance Teams
Building Innovation Teams
Courage Catalysts
Courageous Facilitation
Design Thinking
Exponential Leadership for Social Impact
Seeing With new Eyes - Insights and Foresights
Be Courageous Wins “Next Generation Employment Innovation” Award with Rio Tinto

Be Courageous Wins “Next Generation Employment Innovation” Award with Rio Tinto

Be Courageous is thrilled to announce that our Future Ready Leadership Program we developed for Rio Tinto, from one of the most prestigious educational institutes in the world, the University of Waterloo.

Onboarding 101

Onboarding 101

The Importance of a New Hire’s First 90 Days.

Listening to Your Inner Voice

Listening to Your Inner Voice

How to stop doubting yourself and how to start taking action on what you know to be true.

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All activations can be delivered globally, in person and digitally and can scale from multi day workshops, to multi month and annual programs.

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