Every Level Has A New Devil

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As we progress through life we can look at the challenges we face in two ways. They either are happening to us, or, they are happening for us.

We have a choice to step into a victim mindset and be at the effect of what happens around us or we can step in a cause mindset and take ownership and control of the circumstances. 

Most humans have a natural sense of ambition. We generally crave more. More peace, more wealth, more happiness, more assets, bigger houses, bigger companies, bigger reputations, better relationships, more experiences, more depth, more meaning, more impact. 

Not everyone’s idea of more is equal, there is a spectrum. Some want to rule the world and dent the universe, some just want a quiet, simple life with few yet meaningful things. 

Either way, it is often towards more. 

Our minds, imaginations, and creativity are working non-stop filling our heads with thoughts, ideas, and connections about how things could be. Some of us intentionally action on these and many of us, in fact (most of the world) unintentionally manifest our lives.

Regardless if we consciously or unconsciously create what we want, when the outcomes show up – we have to integrate what we asked for. That generally means dropping a storm into our current daily lives, rituals, and routines.

Very rarely do we ask for what we want and actually anticipate receiving it and get ahead of what that would mean to our lives when we get it.

When that storm hits it is easy to slip into effect and think things are. happening to us.
We can often not even realize that we are actually receiving what we asked for because we only see and feel the chaos. 

Here is the hack that has helped me to continually strive for “more” and manage the changes and chaos when it manifests. I bring this up now because we are all facing our next level.

The thought process is that “every level has a new devil”.
A metaphor borrowed from gaming.

In most games, you play a level, and to progress to the next level, you have to confront a bad guy, solve a challenge, complete a mystery or puzzle or face a great trial that requires you to use everything you just learned on that level to overcome. Once you do, you get a reward, artifact, new instruction, or a new doorway, portal or level unlocks.

Life is like this. We live on a level and experience a great challenge, either internally or externally.
It requires us to dig deep and apply all our learnings and experience to overcome.

When we do overcome. we gain access to another level of life, living, relationships, wealth, learning, insights, realizations, happiness, and human experiences.

Every level has a new devil and we can consciously or unconsciously ask for the next level and face the challenges that come with that like Time management, health, relationships, priorities, mindset, friendships, intentions, purpose, and managing “more.”

To do this takes courage, a lot of courage.
We (luckily) have that in spades. 

So what level do you want to achieve?
Are you facing a devil right now?
Are you prepared to face the challenges necessary to create what you want in life?

Our client partners want more and for them to get there they need a trusted guide to help them navigate their devils so they can unlock their next level.

Be Courageous are the trusted guides.


Corporate Fragility


Most of us agree that we are really only at the tip of a massive amount of change. The 2020s will be the decade of challenge for the globe.

Corporate Fragility


Most of us agree that we are really only at the tip of a massive amount of change. The 2020s will be the decade of challenge for the globe.

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