Courageous Relationships Workshop Series (Virtual*)

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In our work with Fortune 1000 companies worldwide, we’ve seen an increase in people feeling self-protective, isolated, uncertain about the future, and fearful. More than ever, people are having difficulty communicating with each other openly, candidly, and with clarity.

We’re hearing statements like:

I don’t trust my fellow teammates.

Not everyone is taking accountability.

It’s hard to say what I really feel; I’m afraid of retaliation or judgment.

I don’t know where the company is going.

I don’t know if we’re working on the right things.

Seeing how effective our strategies and practices have been in improving these situations, team dynamics, and performance, we’ve created a cost-effective online workshop series available to everyone, facilitated by world-renowned courage coaches with decades of experience using the most cutting-edge, proven, science-backed practices.

In this virtual workshop series, you and your team will:

Workshop Series Overview

Module 1


Learn what builds or blocks effective, empathetic, and collaborative climates.
Understand and practice how to create the conditions to elevate team energy and positive rapport.
Module 2


Review effective practices and techniques for courageous conversations.
Improve skills in listening and providing feedback.
Remove ineffective silos to improve team dynamics.
Module 3


Re-establish your team’s connection to a shared vision.
Develop clear roles & responsibilities, expectations, and ways of working to achieve higher-level results.
Navigate complexity with success.
Module 4


Identify where courage is needed in your group to improve performance.
Learn the right state and behavior to achieve your results.
Unlearn behaviors that no longer serve.
30-Day Courageous Relationships Challenge Overview.

Workshop Schedule

Module 1


Week 1

1-hour interactive workshop

Week 2

Coaching: 1-hour

Module 2


Week 3

1-hour interactive workshop

Week 4

Coaching: 1-hour

Module 3


Week 5

1-hour interactive workshop

Week 6

Coaching: 1-hour

Module 4


Week 7

1-hour interactive workshop

Week 8

Coaching: 1-hour

Complimentary group “Check In” session post 30-day challenge.

Team Commitment

One interactive hour a week for eight weeks, with light self-guided practice between workshops.




$24,000 USD**

*This program is also available in-person, which would include a 1-Day in-person workshop (9-5pm)  followed by four 1-hour virtual coaching sessions. 

**Custom programs can also be developed. 

Example cost breakdown

For an up to 20-person team, this breaks down to $1,200 each for the entire program.

Bring your team closer together–invest in mental health and team collaboration.

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