The future of power and utilities is a simple one; decarbonize and provide a stable source of clean water in an unpredictable, water-scarce world. The path to this future, however, is less certain although littered with stranded assets, it is also an enormous potential for innovation and radical rethinking.

We ask these 3 key questions when looking at the future of all industries.

  1. How will you intertwine the Triple Bottom Line of Planet, People, and Prosperity?

  2. Where are the Moments of Courage you need?

  3. What Key Questions will unlock new mental models?
We encourage you to push beyond ESG reporting, to harness exponential technologies and take Courageous Actions to Build Forward.

The Triple Bottom Line

  • How are you actively preserving biodiversity as part of your business strategy of ensuring a pipeline of drug discovery?
  • How to have equitable access to Personalized Medicine for all?
  • How to ensure that our foundational databases have in them the full richness and diversity of humanity?
  • What is the hippocratic oath of exponential medicine?
  • How to ensure equity, while prospering from an aging population, rising middle income, and increased health challenges from approaching planetary boundaries?
  • How to harness exponential technologies like AI and Quantum modelling to vastly accelerate cure discoveries?

The Courage Needed

Put all People and this Planet first and harness exponential technologies to create affordable cures over treatments.

The Question to Ask

What is the system we can build that puts all people and planet first, and drives prosperity for our industry?

Onboarding 101

Onboarding 101

The Importance of a New Hire’s First 90 Days.

Listening to Your Inner Voice

Listening to Your Inner Voice

How to stop doubting yourself and how to start taking action on what you know to be true.

Courage is a Verb

Courage is a Verb

Here’s how to think of courage as a verb, to activate all the strength and joy you need to reach your fullest potential.

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