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Here are some of the questions we are asking about the idea of “consuming” and consumers as we reach the limits of this planet to support us. We are already consuming at a rate that would need 1.3 Earths to be sustainable. This will rise to 3 planets if everyone consumed at North American rates, and we only have 1 planet. It is a complex problem.

We ask these 3 key questions when looking at the future of all industries.

  1. How will you intertwine the Triple Bottom Line of Planet, People, and Prosperity?

  2. Where are the Moments of Courage you need?

  3. What Key Questions will unlock new mental models?
We encourage you to push beyond ESG reporting, to harness exponential technologies and take Courageous Actions to Build Forward.

The Triple Bottom Line

  • How to decouple economic growth from environmental degradation (SDG12)?
  • How to convert Consumers into Nurturers, with a Do More and Better With Less mindset (SDG 12)”
  • How to promote sustainable lifestyles (SDG 12)?
  • How to take the Take-Make-Dispose linear consume design out of products and design Circularity into the product – Design to disassemble?
  • How to design within planetary boundaries, wherever needed?
  • How to be fully inclusive in the prosperity.
  • How to have radical transparency and actively closing the gaps. Actively seeking out Modern Slavery in the supply chains, and ensure we are not polluting underdeveloped countries, but cleaning up the damage already created?
  • How to transform to the New business models that need to be regenerative?
  • Who captures brand equity in a voice activated, online ordering that will diminish brand recognition, favoring the whitelabled or E-Commerce platform “generic” brand?
  • How to benefit from a greater number of middle income consumers and not destroy the planet?
  • How to transition to tomorrow’s system today?

The Courage Needed

To lead and quickly wean off non-sustainable practices, understanding it is a new business model. To price in everything,GHG, plastics, water use... all negative and positive externalities. Scope 1,2,3,4… To build tomorrow’s system today.

The Question to Ask

What is the regenerative version of the need I am currently meeting?

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Courage is a Verb

Courage is a Verb

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