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At a time when we are facing critical challenges and the size of these challenges are greater than the capacity of the public & social sector alone to solve, here are some of the questions we are asking about the new roles of governance, policy, and actions.

We ask these 3 key questions when looking at the future of all industries.

  1. How will you intertwine the Triple Bottom Line of Planet, People, and Prosperity?

  2. Where are the Moments of Courage you need?

  3. What Key Questions will unlock new mental models?
We encourage you to push beyond ESG reporting, to harness exponential technologies and take Courageous Actions to Build Forward.

The Triple Bottom Line

  • What is the “Bretton Woods” for a thriving planet, and who should be at the table?
  • How to use deficit financing, which is our children’s money, to build a better planet for them?
  • How to step out of the political cycles and see one global system, and come together to solve key issues of climate, water, food systems, opportunity, all of the SDGs?
  • How to lay the foundations that enable the private sector to have an even playing field, focussed on ensuring a thriving planet?
  • What are the systemic roadblocks all governance, public and private, need to remove to ensure that all people have an equal opportunity to thrive?
  • How to value the next generation as much as this one, and stop offloading expenses on them by running deficits and accumulating massive debts, that they will pay and/or service?
  • How to see one global system, pointed in the single direction of all people thriving?
  • How to break the cycle of debt addiction, and only debt finance future wealth creation?
  • How to unleash the abundance of a world where all stakeholders are threaded and embedded into places of influence and decision making?
  • How to make all decisions through the triple bottom line lens?

The Courage Needed

This is your Bretton Woods Moment. Accept that the world has changed, adopt the new mental model, and Invest in the long term from an SDG-first mindset, while elected in the short term.

The Question to Ask

If you could start again, how would you build back better and build forward for all - planet, people, & prosperity?

Be Courageous Partners with Oxford Leadership to Drive Global Transformation

Be Courageous Partners with Oxford Leadership to Drive Global Transformation

The partnership between Oxford Leadership and Be Courageous is based on shared values, a vision for transforming business for good, and a commitment to impactful changes across people, the planet, and profit margins.

Revealing the Characteristics of Courage

Revealing the Characteristics of Courage

Insights – and a twist – from the newest academic study on the psychology on courage in the workplace!

Courage Your Energy

Courage Your Energy

If you show up to a meeting with your shoulders slumped and your energy still in bed from hours prior, you are doing yourself and your team a disservice. Chances are, it won’t be a productive meeting.

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