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The built floorspace of the global built environment is anticipated to double in the next 30 years. That is an additional New York city every 30 days, while today 40% of greenhouse gasses come from the construction and operations of buildings. Here are some of the questions we are asking about the future of real estate and the built environment.

We ask these 3 key questions when looking at the future of all industries.

  1. How will you intertwine the Triple Bottom Line of Planet, People, and Prosperity?

  2. Where are the Moments of Courage you need?

  3. What Key Questions will unlock new mental models?
We encourage you to push beyond ESG reporting, to harness exponential technologies and take Courageous Actions to Build Forward.

The Triple Bottom Line

  • How to design today to accommodate the future technologies that will be able to enable smart buildings and cities needed for a sustainable future (SDG 11)?
  • How to reimagine the built environment away from the high carbon emitting construction materials like concrete and steel?
  • How to make the built environment carbon negative, and water and biodiversity positive at all scope levels?
  • How to make sure that the multigenerational urbanization decisions being made today are inclusive, technology adaptable, and are building a world for us all to thrive in?
  • How to drive a virtuous price cycle for building sustainably and with smart technology at the forefront of thinking, while benefiting from the huge demand for new floor space over the next few decades?
  • How to capture the value creation in building Smart Cities?
  • What is a “realtor/broker” when PropTech stands to capture a good share of the market, with its ability to streamline processes and cut out middlewomen/men?
  • What are the new elements of the 3Ls Location, Location, Locations of real estate, in a world of digital nomads?

The Courage Needed

Building Today’s Buildings for Tomorrow’s Reality!

The Question to Ask

What does Fully Circular Real Estate Mean in Design, Building and Operating?

Courage is a Verb

Courage is a Verb

Here’s how to think of courage as a verb, to activate all the strength and joy you need to reach your fullest potential.

How to Move Toward What You Want

How to Move Toward What You Want

These two simple questions can help you get unstuck and shift your thinking.

The “Maybe Someday” Opportunity Cost

The “Maybe Someday” Opportunity Cost

How to stop letting self-doubt sabotage your life by taking action on your intuition.

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