As we look out to the future of retail, we look to the past, and explored the origins of retail. The word “retail” originates from the concept of breaking a whole into many parts, and distributing and selling those parts based on the size of the local market. “Local” is a strange concept in a fast delivery global e-commerce world. This has led us to ask the following questions around the future of retail.

We ask these 3 key questions when looking at the future of all industries.

  1. How will you intertwine the Triple Bottom Line of Planet, People, and Prosperity?

  2. Where are the Moments of Courage you need?

  3. What Key Questions will unlock new mental models?
We encourage you to push beyond ESG reporting, to harness exponential technologies and take Courageous Actions to Build Forward.

The Triple Bottom Line

  • What is the Carbon and Water Priced model of inventories and distribution in the future?
  • How much of what you are selling today has no part in the future?
  • How much dirty water, plastic waste, carbon emissions, biodiversity loss, inequality is embedded in the products on your shelves?
  • What will you be selling in the future?
  • How will digital Inventory produce price and planetary benefits that make high display and inventory models of brick and mortar non-competitive
  • What does “retail” mean in a distributed production on demand model?
  • How to turn water and power consumers into water and power nurturers?
  • How to ensure access to clean affordable water for all, in increasing scarcity?
  • How to work with local communities impacted by  wind and solar farms?
  • What does “local” mean in a global fast delivery e-commerce world?
  • New market models.
  • What will Just-in-time to just-in-case look like for Inventories and distribution.
  • Digital Products before Analogue, not the other way around. Hyper Personalization.

The Courage Needed

To lead the way in regenerative best practices?

The Question to Ask

What does a prosperous, regenerative, supply-cycle look like for a resource restricted world?

Be Courageous Partners with Oxford Leadership to Drive Global Transformation

Be Courageous Partners with Oxford Leadership to Drive Global Transformation

The partnership between Oxford Leadership and Be Courageous is based on shared values, a vision for transforming business for good, and a commitment to impactful changes across people, the planet, and profit margins.

Revealing the Characteristics of Courage

Revealing the Characteristics of Courage

Insights – and a twist – from the newest academic study on the psychology on courage in the workplace!

Courage Your Energy

Courage Your Energy

If you show up to a meeting with your shoulders slumped and your energy still in bed from hours prior, you are doing yourself and your team a disservice. Chances are, it won’t be a productive meeting.

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