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Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees the others.

Ready to Courage Your Future?

Making courage a habit will lead to more energy, clarity and productivity.

Courage is the muscle that allows us to act despite our fears. Courage helps us take the first steps towards something new, and it keeps us on track toward our purpose.
Courage comes in different styles, each suited to a particular challenge. It could be…

  • Physical Courage – Doing what’s right for your body and health.
  • Moral Courage – Speaking up for what matters.
  • Psychological Courage – Facing your fears.
  • Spiritual Courage – Finding and acting on what moves your soul.
  • Everyday Courage – Maintaining a positive attitude.

We developed this Month of Courage Challenge to help you turn Courage from a once-in-a-while act to an inherent attribute and action you harness and use, every day.

You can exercise Courage just like a muscle at the gym. Consider this tool your “personal trainer” to help you build, strengthen and nurture your most courageous self.

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How to take the Courage Challenge
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