Every industry that has ever been created or will ever be created has the opportunity to consciously participate in forming the future. What is the courage necessary to seize this opportunity and responsibility and positively influence what we create, how we create and why we create to contribute to the whole?
Together we explore the challenges and opportunities over the next decade to shape the future of industry into a more equitable, humane, innovative and impactful environments.

Industries we've impacted

Aerospace & Defense

From the Eurasian Steppes to Oceans & Skies, explorers have converted vast inhospitable spaces into avenues of possibilities - welcome to space.

Automotive & Mobility

The horse & cart is a 5,000 year-old mental model, still embedded in the “horseless carriage” and horse-powered internal combustion engine? Let’s think outside the cart!


Technology is providing a new “telescope” into the intricacies of the body, and new ways to make positive changes. Let’s make it positive for all life.

Consumer products

We need to close the loop, and unlock the abundance of regenerative systems and manufacturing. Design to disassemble, and keep the cycle going.


Tomorrow is coming at an accelerating pace. We will all need to be constantly skilling forward, continuously unlearning, redesigning, and adapting. How will you help?

Energy & Sustainability

Fueling the future economy with near real-time energy, not that of a billion years ago, is the greatest opportunity of our time - power on.

Financial Services

Global population growth, and their wants, needs, and desires will drive the future economy. The impact on the planet is in the financing hands of the financial sector.


There is a big “rethink” going on, under the need for a food revolution to feed another billion by 2030, and another 2 billion by 2050. What role will you play?


Exponential medicine and the possibilities that it brings will only grow over time. What is maximum wellness, and is escape velocity possible and accessible for all?


More people with more money to travel, carbon prices rising, water becoming scarce, plastics filling the oceans, biodiversity declining. What will regenerative, nurturing hospitality look like?


These are unusual times, where the past cannot predict the future. New risks and uncertainties are both market opportunities and challenges for the insurance sector.


The very linear Take-Make-Use-Dispose model, at the heart of manufacturing, needs to be rethought into a regenerative cyclical model. Let’s unlearn.

Media & Entertainment

Technology will provide a kaleidoscope of immersive experiences and a spectrum of choices on how people want to spend their time. Where will you play?


If we have one finite planet to provide everything we need, water, biodiversity, food, peace, stability, will you always be digging into the earth to mine?

Oil & Gas

Unlearning the model of past prosperity is the greatest challenge and opportunity for this sector. If you were not Oil & Gas, who would you want to be?

Power & Utilities

Stability out of instability will be the challenge of the power and utilities sector; weather, renewables, and water challenges. Create certainty for uncertain times.

Private Equity

The power of private equity to create a new economy that can thrive within planetary boundaries, and where all can be lifted up is here. Carpe diem.

Public & Social Sector

This is your “Bretton Woods” moment. Let’s make sure that when we spend our children’s money that we do it to build a better world for them.

Real Estate

Imagine an additional New York every 30 days. The built environment will massively expand over the next 30 years. Let’s build-in tomorrow's environment today.


Make, display, promote, purchase at a physical level is not sustainable. Imagine instead, consumer wishes, A.I. generates multiple digital only customized sample, consumer purchases, then manufacture.


All levels of the stack will continue to unlock an abundance of opportunity. Building diversity, inclusivity, and equity into all levels will be the opportunity.

Telecom & Communications

We are on the cusp of changing what “Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you” will mean, and the role of the Telecommunications. Welcome to the metaverse.

Transportation & Logistics

Like never before, humanity has the ability to move and coordinate movement on and off the planet. What should we optimize for?

Travel & Tourism

A return business as usual, means you are on the wrong path. What, and to where (physical/analogue), are the “journeys” of the future?

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